September 8, 2020
4:43 pm

NIH News in Health – September Issue

 September 2020 issue of NIH News in Health, the monthly newsletter bringing you practical health news and tips based on the latest NIH research. Download a PDF version for printing.

Battling Bent Blood Cells

Progress in Sickle Cell Disease

Learn about sickle-cell disease and the cutting-edge treatments being tested for it.

Plus, check out our online extra: Q&A: Dr. Allison King on Sickle Cell Disease and Learning.

A Biting Problem

Taming TMJ Troubles

Find simple ways to tackle jaw pain and dysfunction.

This article originally appeared here: The source website for this article is NATIONAL NETWORK OF LIBRARIES OF MEDICINE (NNLM).
The original publication date for this article is September 8, 2020 9:43 pm

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