CDC Provides Update on H5N1 Bird Flu Response Activities and Highlights New H5N1 Bird Flu Research

CDC’s response to the H5N1 bird flu outbreak in dairy cows most recently includes new flu serology studies on population immunity in the U.S., data from a new study in ferrets, and continued support for states monitoring people with relevant exposure history. The latest data from CDC’s flu surveillance systems show no indicators of unusual flu activity in people, including A(H5N1) viruses.

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Additionally, a new CDC study shows that when the eyes of ferrets were exposed to an A(H5N1) virus from a human case in Chile, the animals, which are used as a model for humans, developed fatal infections and spread the virus to healthy ferrets in direct contact. This study highlights the potential for these viruses to cause infection in people after exposure to the virus via the eyes and the importance of protective eyewear for people at risk of exposure.

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