Federal Emergency Mangement Agency (FEMA) Launches First-Ever #WinterReady Campaign, urges the Nation to Get Prepared for Extreme Cold and Winter Weather

“Harsh winters are not only a concern for states in the far north – blizzards, extreme cold and the damage to our critical infrastructure that these conditions can cause today threaten every community, everywhere across our nation,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas. “An ounce of prevention today is worth a pound of cure tomorrow. The #WinterReady Campaign, thanks to the Biden-Harris Administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, will make resources available to help our entire country stand more resilient, more secure, and more prepared in the face of the cold months ahead. I strongly urge every community to take advantage of these resources – including and especially those who have not faced these weather-related challenges before.”

Read the full press release from FEMA.