Happy National Internet Safety Month: Easy Steps to Stay Safe Online

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Trent Frazier, Deputy Assistant Director of the CISA Stakeholder Engagement Division, emphasizes the importance of National Internet Safety Month, originally designated in 2005, in light of the escalating risks associated with increased online activities. Frazier stresses the urgent need for enhanced education and training on online safety, especially among younger generations. He highlights four fundamental practices to bolster cybersecurity: using strong, unique passwords; activating multifactor authentication (MFA); keeping software updated; and recognizing and reporting phishing attempts. Additionally, Frazier introduces CISA’s Secure Our World program, offering various resources like instructional videos and multilingual tip sheets to facilitate effective implementation of cybersecurity measures. He urges readers to initiate conversations about these precautions with family and friends as the school year concludes, likening cybersecurity to wearing a seatbelt for online safety. By adhering to these simple yet crucial steps, individuals can significantly fortify their online security, ensuring a safe and enjoyable summer season ahead. For more information, please visit the National Internet Safety Month blog post on cisa.gov.