HHS Launches Climate and Health Outlook Portal to Identify Counties at Risk of Climate-Related Hazards

In coordination with the White House Summit on Building Climate Resilient Communities, the HHS Office of Climate Change and Health Equity (OCCHE), and ASPR Geospatial Team launched the Climate and Health Outlook Portal, an interactive tool that provides actionable, county-level data that can be used to prepare for climate-related hazard events. Policymakers, health care providers, and the general public can use the tool to better understand the health impacts of climate-related hazard forecasts in their communities and plan accordingly.

The portal builds on an OCCHE publication known as the Climate and Health Outlook, which links seasonal weather and hazard forecasts to health impacts. This beta version of the Climate and Health Outlook Portal features interactive maps showing county-level extreme heat, wildfire, and drought forecasts for the current month, along with county-level data on individual risk factors that may make people more vulnerable to negative health outcomes from these climate hazards. Future iterations of the tool will incorporate additional climate-related hazards and individual risk factors.