Linking Resilience and Innovation for Emergency Preparedness

Most industries suggest a certain level of resilience and innovation. It is important to get through challenging times to keep a company going, and “innovate or die” has long been a mantra of the business world. While these concepts – or in some cases, buzzwords – come up in various lines of work, they seem to take on a deep meaning in emergency preparedness and response roles. Being resilient is a matter of life and death sometimes, and because no two events are ever the same, this profession demands ever-changing solutions to increasingly complex problems.

These two concepts – resilience and innovation – hold the key to making emergency preparedness and response professionals more effective, efficient, and ultimately successful. When leaders possess a high level of resilience and a high propensity to innovate, the communities they serve are more likely to overcome obstacles with more tenacity and unique solutions. To quantify these observations and make resilience and innovation measurable qualities that professionals could learn to strengthen, Epicenter Innovation launched a research project.

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