CHSCPR Preparedness Roles

  • Develop a structure and process for members and partners to improve organizational and regional emergency preparedness through joint-planning and problem-solving, e.g. joint observation during operations and exercises
  • Enhance current CHSCPR infrastructure to allow coordination of medical assets, communications and other assets for the healthcare system
  • Develop a multi-year healthcare training and exercise program based on identified hazards and vulnerabilities. This program will include after action and improvement planning processes to assess gaps in healthcare sector and regional plans to improve preparedness
  • Provide trainings, tools and opportunities for educational events based on risk assessments on both a planned, as needed and just-in-time basis

CHSCPR Response Roles

  • Participate in the CDPH Public Health Emergency Operations Center [PHEOC] Unified Command structure through the Executive/Advisory Committee to meet the health and medical needs of the community
  • Provide a structure for the healthcare system to address priorities that arise during a response
  • Maximize the healthcare system’s emergency response capacity by sharing information

In the Event of Real Emergency or Disaster Events, Contact CDPH PHEOC.
P: 312-742-7921