Bridge Access Program Enrollment for Pharmacies

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Bridge Access Program provides no-cost COVID-19 vaccines to adults without health insurance and adults whose insurance does not cover all COVID-19 vaccine costs. No-cost COVID-19 vaccines through this program will be available until December 31, 2024. Adults can receive no-cost COVID-19 vaccines from healthcare providers, federally supported health centers, and retail pharmacy chains participating in the Bridge Access Program. Providers can be located by visiting

CDC is establishing new contracts with CVS, Walgreens, and eTrueNorth through existing Increasing
Community Access to Testing (I
CATT) contracts to provide no-cost COVID-19 vaccines.

eTrueNorth is partnering directly with Chain and Independent Pharmacies to expand COVID-19 vaccine services in the community. Pharmacies enrolled can receive reimbursement for administering no-cost COVID-19 vaccines to uninsured and underinsured adults. Pharmacies can register here.

  • Chain Pharmacies: Work directly with eTrueNorth to enroll retail pharmacy locations in the Bridge Access Program. eTrueNorth makes participation easy by providing a secure online platform for convenient patient sign-up and participating pharmacy reimbursement.
  • Independent Pharmacies: PSAO-Affiliated Pharmacies: eTrueNorth will work with your PSAO to streamline program enrollment. Please contact your PSAO to express interest in the Bridge Access Program. Non-PSAO-affiliated Pharmacies: Work directly with eTrueNorth to enroll your pharmacy or pharmacies in the Bridge Access Program.