HHS 405d Publishes New Educational Materials

The Department of Health and Human Serivces’s (HHS) 405(d) program launched the “Quick Shot” video series by Knowledge on Demand, featuring concise two-to-three-minute videos covering cybersecurity terms pertinent to the Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) sector. The latest addition to the series is the “Access Management” video, which underscores the importance of Access Management in upholding patient safety and addressing risks associated with excessive employee access or failure to revoke access post-employment. The video educates viewers on Access Management, its functionality, and provides practical implementation tips. Its goal is to enhance awareness and comprehension of Access Management among employees, advocating for its adoption to counter threats like botnets. Recommended for internal use within organizations or for individuals unfamiliar with Access Management and cybersecurity threats. To watch the video, please visit Cyber Videos.

HHS’s 405(d) program also released a poster offering guidance on preventing ransomware attacks in healthcare. The poster emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity measures and provides steps such as regular backups and employee training to reduce risks. It also highlights the potential consequences of such attacks, underscoring the need for proactive measures to protect patient data and ensure continuous healthcare services. To view the poster, please click here.