Regional Emerging Special Pathogen Treatment Center (RESPTC) Holds Exercise to Improve the Region’s Readiness to Care for Patients with Highly Infectious Diseases

Providence, a Washington-based hospital and one of the nation’s thirteen RESPTCs, held an interactive, multi-agency drill enhancing the region’s readiness to care for patients with highly infectious diseases.

The training held in Spokane was important for testing and reviewing systems, protocols, and partnerships critical to a collaborative, coordinated response.

The two-day exercise focused on two simulated patients who traveled from Uganda and presented at MultiCare hospitals in the Spokane area with Ebola symptoms. American Medical Response (AMR) then safely transferred the patients to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital Special Pathogens Unit (SPU) where a group of highly specialized health care experts continued their care.

“As COVID-19 reminded us, infectious diseases pose a significant threat,” said Christa Arguinchona, Providence Special Pathogens Unit manager. “Our community is safer because Providence and other organizations work together to plan and prepare for a variety of situations.”

Read the full overview of the exercise from Providence online.